How Much Does Roof Maintenance Cost?

How Much Does Roof Maintenance Cost?

The roof is a very important part of your home or commercial building. The roof, and the specific types of shingles selected, is a low-maintenance component to the home or commercial property, and a little bit of routine maintenance can make a big difference in extending the life cycle of the shingles.

Maintenance on residential roofs should be completed on an annual basis. This is a very low-cost option and includes a roof inspection to determine if there are any issues present. Early detection of problems with the roof, including shingles aging, wind or hail damage, blistering and cracking, shingle lifting or cupping, or leaks around flashing or other roofing elements, is always the best option. It can be extremely difficult to detect these signs of aging and damage without getting up on the roof.

Routine cleaning of gutters or the use of gutter guards can be helpful in preventing water from backing up from the gutters and damaging the roofing deck, soffit and fascia boards.

Commercial roofing systems, including flat roofs of warehouses and industrial buildings, also need to be routinely maintained and inspected. Metal roofing, which is another popular option on commercial as well as residential buildings, should also be checked on an annual basis.

The cost of the inspection and maintenance services depends on the type of roof and the repairs or maintenance work required. However, compared to the cost of roof replacement if the damage goes undetected, it is extremely reasonable for any type of roofing system.

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