My Roof Leaks. Do I Need To Have It Replaced Completely

My Roof Leaks. Do I Need To Have It Replaced Completely?

The answer to a leaking roof requiring full replacement is not a simple yes or no answer. At Premiere Roofing, we ask questions and provide information to the customer based on what we discover when we inspect the roof initially to prepare the estimate.

In some cases, when the damage to the roof is localized in one area, a repair is all that is needed. This is often the best option for a new roof where there is still warranty on the shingles, and they are in good overall condition. These situations are often caused by shingles lifting in the wind or by damage caused by tree limbs hitting the shingles or other similar types of confined damage.

Many situations where there is an older roof are very different. In these cases, leaks may be occurring in multiple places across the roof, but the homeowner is only aware of the most visible leaks. This is typically the case when the damage is caused by one or more significant hail and storm events, and the shingles are already becoming old and brittle or starting to lift or curl at the edges.

In these situations, simply repairing part of the roof only delays the need to replace aging and damaged shingles on other parts of the roof. We can provide an estimate for the repair as well as the replacement, and work with you for any insurance claim or warranty claim on the damage to the shingles.

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