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Roofing Installations

Each project is treated as a Custom Roofing Assignment. We are not Assembly-Line Roofing Installers. Our commitment is to deliver total confidence that you are receiving the best service for you and your home by providing:

  • Skill and Attention to Detail
  • Use Industry Best Materials
  • Provide Experienced Roofing Crew
  • All workers background checked and professionally trained
  • On Site Job Supervisor available to answer your questions during installation
  • Clean Up after Completion is Mandatory

Commercial Roof Coating

Premiere Roofing is your commercial roof coating specialist.

Whether you have a metal, modified butimen, too, epdm, built-up; virtually any roof system, we can coat it.

We are certified with all major manufacturers such as GAF, Hydrostop, Polyglass, or Uniflex by Sherwin Williams to offer multi-year factory certified warranties.

Coatings provide a seamless watertight bond to your roof, there is no messy tear-off of the old roof interrupting business, coatings are energy efficient (think green roof), and they are much less than a traditional roof system with the same warranties as a traditional roof system.

Please contact us today to set up an appointment to look at your roof.

We Service Various Roof Types for a number of Building Styles

  • Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Storage Facilities

Professional Roofers

Commercial Properties including Large Facilities such as:

  • Retail Businesses
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Office Building

We can install any type of roof required in your home or commercial building. We use high-efficiency materials designed to be the most long-lasting and cost-efficient on the market.

We are not assembly-line roofing installers. Each project we take on is properly treated as a custom roofing assignment, installed with skill and great attention to detail. A lot can go wrong if a roof is not properly installed by experienced roofers. Our commitment to you is to build total reliability into your roofing system.

Types of roofing you can choose from


  • Missing Shingles are the result of high winds, not hail damage.
  • You may have damage to your roof due to Hail even though you do not see any missing shingles.

We offer Emergency Service and Free Estimates . Plus, we offer annual inspection contracts to prevent leaking roofs and costly water damage.



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