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We will be in contact with you very soon. If you need help right now with anything please reach out to us through the chat bubble below!

You've reached out. Now what?

When will I be contacted?

We try to call or email you within 1 hour of you submitting your information. No matter what you will be hearing from us within 24hrs. If you would like more of a rapid response try using our chat feature on our website. 

Do I need insurance paperwork for the inspection?

Absolutely not. Our trained professionals are able to assess your house without any help from your insurance. Once the project manager schedules a time to assess your home they will walk it from top to bottom to catch any damages that might have been caused by rain, hail, wind, or old age.

Do I have to be home for the inspection?

While it is nice to talk the home owner through the entire process and point out the issues we do understand that you are busy. So we can definitely take care of an inspection at any time without you home. We are able to do a full inspection and either call you for a quick summary of what we found or email over pictures and notes.

Do I need to contact my insurance?

Not necessarily. A lot of roofing companies will immediately tell you to contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Premiere roofing does an inspection first approach just to make sure not to waist anyone's time. If there isn't enough damage or you weren't damaged at all we want to make sure to save you the headache of having to call your insurance.

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