When all hail breaks loose, We’ll be there.

Jan 6, 2021

Homeowners are often left in the dark when it comes to next steps after hail damage, Premiere Roofing is your partner during the storms of life.

Below are a few reasons why it’s in your best interest as a homeowner to have a reputable roofing contractor as your first point of contact after the storm.

Expertise matters. Would you allow a mechanic to perform surgery? How about having a landscaper build your house? Rhetorical questions, of course, but on that same note many homeowners rely on insurance adjusters to assess damage opposed to roofing repair experts. A roofing contractor will provide a more accurate cost and time estimate for your repairs.

You may not want to claim it.

We cannot stress enough the importance of acting quickly when it comes to calling a roofing contractor to inspect your roof prior to filing a claim with your insurance company.

An experienced contractor will inspect the damage to determine the best plan of action, as it’s not always best to file a claim.

We cut the confusion.

If it’s determined the cost of repair and replacement warrants a claim, Premiere Roofing acts as a roofing partner for the homeowner. Our contractors will provide you with peace of mind by discussing damages and the type of work needing to take place. This includes measurements, pricing, and any code upgrade requirements necessary to bring your property back to its original condition prior to the storm.

Wondering whether you should make a claim? Call Premiere Roofing to set up a free inspection appointment today.

With decades of experience under our tool belts, Premiere Roofing provides residential roofing services to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.