How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof?

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof?

Premiere Roofing is the leading provider of custom roofing solutions throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas. As such, we complete roofing replacements for both residential and commercial buildings. Some of these projects may include large custom built dream homes, while others may be smaller residences. The same is true for commercial properties that may be a roof of a single story retail store or replacing the roof on a warehouse or industrial production facility.

The time it takes our experienced teams to replace a roof is a factor of the size of the roof, the specific repairs required to the roofing deck or underlying structure, and the type of replacement roof that is to be installed.

In most cases, a modest home of 1200 square feet or less will take one to two days to remove the current shingles and replace with standard composite or asphalt shingles. If repairs are required, there is additional time needed to complete the work, which can add a day or more to the project.

Wood shakes, and synthetic slate tile types of roofing usually take up to four days for a basic roof, with more time needed for multiple peaks and valleys or more elaborate designs features. Natural slate types of roofing are the most time consuming to install on both residential and commercial buildings.

For a flat roof, the installation time is typically 1-2 weeks. There may be multiple factors involved, which adds to the total installation time.

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