Weathering the Storm: What You Need to Know About Severe Weather in Texas and Oklahoma

Weathering the Storm

There is an old saying that if you don’t like the weather in Texas (or Oklahoma), just wait a minute. While the saying is catchy, it’s also a warning about the volatility of weather in the area. Keeping your family safe during severe storms includes protecting your home and its roof from the effects of conditions such as high winds, hail and heavy rains.

With more than 25 years experience in roofing in Texas and Oklahoma, our team of professionals at Premiere Roofing bring you this guide to spotting severe weather and how to deal with any weather-related roof damage.

What Causes Severe Storms in Texas and Oklahoma?

When it comes to thunderstorms, Texas and Oklahoma are hotspots, literally. As warm air rises from the Gulf of Mexico, it collides head on with cold fronts sweeping west to east across the country. And when that cold air and the warm Gulf air collide, the instability creates severe weather and thunderstorms.

Two of the components of these severe storms which can cause serious roof damage are straight line winds or downbursts and hail. These dangerous wind conditions can develop quickly and have the potential to not only blow off shingles but to actually “peel back” some roofs.

Similarly, hail gives little to no warning before it begins to fall. And depending on the size of the hail, it can cause anything from damaged shingles to actual holes and craters in roofs.

Protecting and Repairing Your Roof from Storm Damage

While these storms may sound scary and intimidating, rest assured that the Texas and Oklahoma region has dealt with severe weather for a long time, and we know the best way to mitigate any potential storm damage.

Being proactive is often your roof’s best storm defense. Having your roof inspected by the professionals at Premiere Roofing in-between storm seasons can catch any unseen damage caused by previous storms. When seemingly minor damage is caught early, our team of pros can repair your roof so that the next storm doesn’t cause minor damages to become major.

If you have recently experienced severe weather and now have roof damage, there’s good news. Our roofing experts are local, so they know exactly how to quickly diagnose and repair your storm-related roofing issues. 

Is your roof severe storm ready? Have you recently experienced roof damage due to storms? For all things storm-related, rely on the team who’s been at it since 1995. Reach out to Premiere Roofing online or give us a call anytime at 888-766-3669 for an assessment and estimate.

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